Tyrrhenian Sea

My intention with this text is not to describe the actual picture, it's more a way to describe what happened behind the camera. On dry land. Well, it was dry until the storm introduced itself.

This image wasn't planned. Me and my friend were roaming the streets of Cefalù, trying to find something to eat. In Italy people generally have dinner later in the evening, especially in the South. So our mission to find dinner in the middle of the afternoon felt difficult from the start. It really did. 


We passed restaurant after restaurant. We went to different places to try our luck, but the wait staff who prepared for the dinner rush gestured in a dismissive way, in the way only Italians do. We felt like hopeless hikers without a destination.

Eventually we found a restaurant that seemed good. There seemed to be some movement in the premises and people poured in and out. After a long day, spent both on the beach and among rocks, we sat down at the nearest table. We opened the menu and quickly realized that this place was well above our budget. I started to look around and saw that the staff was setting up a long table with fine candelabras and silverware. In the kitchen I could see a giant cake.

We soon realized that we had (accidentally) entered a wedding. And the preparation was in full swing. At that moment, an elegant waiter came to our table and asked if we wanted to see the menu.

Even today I am amazed at how he could treat us so well. I mean ... we sat there, dressed in t-shirts and shorts. Full of sand. But it is true, Italians are welcoming and tolerant. Very service minded. My thoughts were interrupted when he said that the kitchen had not yet opened, but that he could offer something simpler if we were hungry. My friend and I looked at each other and saw our opportunity to escape. We apologized and said we could return when the kitchen was open. I think the waiter saw our scam, but he didn't seem to want to hinder us.

After a further walk we finally arrived at an open restaurant. The clock started to get high and people started to get to the restaurants. We sat down and each ordered pizza. While we waited, I noticed that the waiters were starting to move a couple of the tables. They chased away surprised tourists who neither could nor wanted to protest. After a few minutes, a middle-aged man arrived. He was dressed neatly with a large gold chain around his neck.

At that time, I was obsessed with the television series Sopranos, starring James Gandolfini. This man reminded me of him and I quickly began to imagine that we were sitting a few meters from a local mafia boss. The fact that the waiters treated him and his company as royalty did not make the matter any less credible.


My thoughts were quickly interrupted when the pizzas were served. After a while we noticed how it started to blow and the sky changed shape. It all happened very quickly and felt as unreal as our involuntary role in the aforementioned mafia scene. I looked out over the sea and grabbed my camera and headed to the beach. You see the result here.

Where is the photo taken?

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