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On stage: Smashing Pumpkins

James Iha and Billy Corgan live on stage in Gröna Lund, Stockholm. They are playing guitars. The light is purple and in the background we can spot a drumset.
James Iha and Billy Corgan live on stage in Stockholm

With words like hej (hello) and tack (thank you) James Iha speaks to the massive crowd in Gröna Lund - Stockholm, Sweden. The American guitarist seems very relaxed while he practice his Swedish skills with the audience.

James also tried to convince the people that he and frontman Billy Corrgan made a bet and therefore were planning to take a ride on one of the rollercoster after the concert. Shortly after he admitted that this was not true, but the American couldn't hide his fascination over the fact that the band were in fact playing in the very middle of a gigantic amusement park.