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Lovely Graffiti


What can I say about this photo? Well, I took the photo on the way up a flight of stairs. In a bar. On a mountain.


The location is Castelmola in Sicily. The little mountain village is best known for its church, which has been one of the recording sites for the Godfather movie. Not far from there is the famous bar Turrisi. In addition to its delicious almond wine, the bar is known for its unconventional décor and a giant Minchia, which welcomes visitors.

The bar is small, but divided on several floors and at the top there is a fantastic roof terrace. From here you have a fantastic view of the nearby town of Taormina and the Mediterranean.

But before that, you have to pass a relatively narrow staircase where someone seems to have begun to scribble small love messages, something that quickly spread across both walls and ceilings.

Where is the photo taken?

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